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The Atomic Bitchwax - Force Field album review

Monster Magnet-affiliated stoners feel the force

Cover art for The Atomic - Bitchwax Force Field album

Formed in 1993 by bassist Chris Josnik, New Jersey’s the Atomic Bitchwax took 70s riff-rock and psych as their jam band launch pad, enhanced by former Core singer-guitarist Finn Ryan after 2005, and Raging Slab drummer Bob Pantella in 2007.

After 2011’s The Local Fuzz thrashed over 50 riffs in one 42-minute track (the rhythm section joining Monster Magnet may have something to do with it), TAB reached stoner hero status with 2015’s Gravitron. That’s now clinched with another dose of short blasts from the crazy zone, riffs dried out from the first Motörhead album and titles including Hippie Speedball, Earth Shaker (Which Doobie U Be), Alaskan Thunder Fuck and Fried Dyed And Layin’ To The Side.