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Taste: What’s Going On – Live At The Isle of Wight Festival 1970

Rory Gallagher’s Taste sensations live.

Taste had split minutes before taking to the stage for this astonishing performance. Framed by a potted history showing how mainman Rory Gallagher’s visionary genius turned the Irish three-piece into world beaters, the live footage of the band playing to 600,000 people totally vindicates their short-lived legend.

Director Murray Lerner (among a cast of interviewees including Taste’s drummer John Wilson, plus Bob Geldof and The Edge) unwittingly captured the perfect subject to show “the clash between the commercialism of the industry and the idealism of the music”.

Though torn apart by mismanagement, Richard McCracken, John Wilson and Rory Gallagher hold fast to the idealism that had fired their career. Gallagher, of course, stars in the brilliant and thrilling duels to the death and envelope-pushing improvisations, particularly Sugar Mama and the jaw-dropping breakdown of Catfish Blues.

Capturing a guitarist for the ages and a standalone band, with extras culled from Taste’s incendiary Beat Club performances, this is a strictly awesome release.

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