Stampede: A Sudden Impulse

NWOBHM band prove they’re more relevant now than ever.

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When a band proudly proclaim that it’s taken them nearly 30 years to follow up their debut album with a new record, you have to be forgiven for wondering who’ll care. But in the case of the reunited Stampede, all the proof you’ll need to care is in the music – which is as it should be.

Lumped in with so many other NWOBHM wannabes in the early part of the 1980s, Stampede showed class and grace on 1983’s Hurricane Town.

Now, they’ve delivered a record that takes the raw potential they displayed back then and shapes it into a collection of songs that is, if anything, better than those on the first record. And also seems to fit comfortably into the modern rock scene.

Led by the soulfully blessed vocals of Reuben Archer, the band have come up with some genuinely impressive stuff, with Homeward Bound, This Road and Shame On You true winners.

But it’s the flow here that quickly gains your attention. Because the way they’re pieced together is a testament to the way this band have immediately gotten into a groove, recaptured the sparkle of the past and driven on towards what could be a very successful future.