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Slam Cartel: Handful of Dreams

Slammin’, no-nonsense debut.

It’s not often that a debut album grabs you by the ears with such determination and conviction, but if there’s one thing this London-based outfit obviously believe in it’s the power of the hook.

Whether it’s the vocals or the wall of guitars delivering them is irrelevant, their one aim is to bury the tunes irretrievably deep inside your brain.

Chief songwriter guitarist Terence Warville (ex-Stimulator) obviously understands a thing or two about songwriting with the skin-flaying aggression of the riffs balanced by a nuanced sense of melody and finesse – look no further than belters such as Powerstorm, Goldenstream and Sundown for starters.

The overall effect is one of immensity – both in sound and potential. Surely the start of an epic career.