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Scorpion Child – Acid Roulette Album Review

Texas’s stoner/psych rockers expand their horizons

Scorpion Child album cover

Scorpion Child’s 2013 self-titled album was one of those rare debuts that could rival many classics.

Instantly infectious, it proved that the Texans possessed the songwriting skills of Zeppelin, the bluesy groove of Clutch, the raucous intensity of Orange Goblin and, in Aryn Jonathan Black, a voice that could match The Black Crowes’ Chris Robinson.

Second album Acid Roulette is a different beast. Less immediate than its predecessor, it’s also more vast; while the songs on their debut were snappy and stand-alone, the 13 tracks on Acid Roulette seem to swirl together to take the listener on one long psychedelic journey. As before, the riffs are meaty and the songs full of bluesy swagger, but they’ve bulked up the sound with added layers and variation on sound and tempo within the songs; like Twilight Coven, which flits from fast-paced rocking to a mesmerising chorus. Acid Roulette may be harder to digest than their debut for some, but it simply requires a more concentrated listen. ****