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Sasquatch - Maneuvers album review

Sons Of Anarchy-endorsed rockers veer off the straight road

Cover art for Sasquatch - Maneuvers album

It doesn’t take much to guess the style of a band called Sasquatch, especially when you learn their music has appeared on Sons Of Anarchy. This makes them sound like testosterone-driven hard rock to soundtrack dusty motorcycle rides, but there’s more to their mammoth sound. ‘Keep the focus on the hook’ is the band’s motto, and they take influence from blues rock guitar greats like Zeppelin and Grand Funk Railroad and inject it with stoner fuzz. The hefty, heavy guitar riffs take centre stage, whether swirling with psychedelia as on Drown All The Evidence or the Deep South-tinged Just Couldn’t Stand The Weather. But it’s not all blues and fuzz – there’s a hint of 90s grunge to their grooves. There’s not a ballad in sight and little variation in pace, but each song still stands sturdy on its own.