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Richard Goldstein: Another Little Piece Of My Heart

Pioneering rock writer’s riveting personal history of the New York counterculture.

If ever there was a book to make you envious of the unremarkable time and place you were born into, this memoir is surely it. As rock and pop critic for hip New York weekly The Village Voice from the early 60s, Richard Goldstein was among the first to write seriously about rock’n’roll in the New Journalism-influenced style.

And great as his writing is as he recounts his part in the turbulent events of that pivotal decade, his first-person recollections of events such as Civil Rights riots, Andy Warhol’s Factory, the early folk scene and the gay rights movement are every bit as fascinating as his acute and snappy observations of the music and musicians he was obsessed with.

And rest assured that, unlike one early counterculture mag he worked for, each copy of this book is not sealed with a drop of the publisher’s semen…/o:p