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Rammstein - Rammstein: Paris review

Plenty of pyro and porno

Cover art for Rammstein - Rammstein: Paris

The greatest hard rock show on earth? Rammstein’s Made In Germany tour of 2011-2013 has got to be up there.

A pyrotechnical extravaganza with something to cater for all fetishist preferences – sodomy, cannibalism, even a pressurised jet of milky liquid squirted into audience faces from singer Till Lindemann’s prosthetic penis – it was a show which also featured the best of the band’s curiously overlooked musical catalogue.

Rammstein: Paris is a suitably stunning visual record of the event, captured over two nights at the Palais Omnisports in March 2012. The stage looks like the set of an industrial sci-fi/ horror movie, while the audience twitch and turn below like microbes on a petri dish. Covered in grease and grime, their skin seared by so many close fiery encounters, the six German musicians deliver their musical theatre with supreme skill and a joyful sense of the macabre.