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Ramming Speed: No Epitaphs

Richmond’s punk/metal brawlers move up a gear

Conjuring images of former Motörhead drummer Philthy Animal speeding away from the fuzz on a Harley, this is non-stop punk’n’roll from Ramming Speed.

Building on Kvelertak foundations, No Epitaphs moves briskly into hardcore that verges on powerviolence territory with a similarity to no-nonsense noise-bastards Baptists.

Despite the band claiming this is their “most metal record to date”, the punk ethos is prevalent in its unrelenting nature, but the solos and breakneck riff-fuckery drags it firmly back into the pit of heavy metal.

Produced by Converge’s Kurt Ballou, there’s an inherent gnarliness with everything including the kitchen sink being hurled into the mixing desk with monumental force – from the dogfight of a song Break In The Chain to the destructive Horns Of War, it’s a heavy artillery shelling on the senses. The snarling, spitting and bile can almost be heard dripping from the mic as this bar-brawl of a record rumbles on with a headlock firmly tightened until you surrender to the noise.

Luke Morton
Faux Northerner. Online Editor for Metal Hammer. Host and Producer of the Metal Hammer Podcast. A bigger Simpsons fan than you.