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Peter Murphy: Lion

Ex-Bauhaus singer roars back with his Lion.

‘’I’m like Bowie, Iggy, Frank Sinatra, Elvis all rolled into one,’’ Murphy has declared with typical knowing bombast about his performance here. Lion is more one-note than that. Trent Reznor’s past production has leaned Murphy towards an industrial sound, which Youth’s turn as producer adds techno overdrive to.

The Rose could be a decadent Bond theme, with its brass, glam guitars and Murphy’s Bowie-esque croon in full effect. Meanwhile, Loctaine begins with distant, ceremonially pounded drums, and Lion with a buzzing field of feedback. They all end with the same grandiose, punched-home choruses, splicing the big, doomy music of Murphy’s 80s prime with Youth’s 90s techno-rock peak.

There’s more dirty light and shade in the extra live disc, drawn from Murphy’s recent Bauhaus music-only shows.