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Pat Travers Band: Live At The Iridium NYC

Still going for what he knows.

Pat Travers will never make a better live album than 1979’s Go For What You Know but that hasn’t stopped him trying. He’s now into double figures, and this 2012 show, like many, comes close.

That’s because Travers is essentially a live performer. He rams his calling card down your throat with 70s classics Rock And Roll Susie, Gettin’ Betta, Crash And Burn and Heat In The Street before reminding you that he can still write songs with a couple of tracks from 2009’s Fidelis.

He leads his well-honed band by example, bristling with second guitarist Kirk McKim. Harmonica player Jon Paris guests on a couple of blues songs later on that replace the usual wham-bam finale of Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights) and Snortin’ Whiskey, but hammerheads will probably welcome the change. And it’s good to see the return of 80s gem I La La La Love You./o:p