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Papa Roach: F.E.A.R.

Still keeping the nu metal flag flying.

The eighth Papa Roach album is a TARDIS of angst, time travelling to 2015 from 2000 with all of its nu metal tropes intact. Frontman Jacoby Shaddix remains the most angst-ridden creature stalking Planet Rock, setting out his stall with a gnashed ’My pain is a blessing in disguise, I feel it cutting and it’s cutting like a knife.’

Hopelessly dated electronics fart and squelch over admittedly meaty riffs as he bares all – again – about addiction and hatred, self-loathing and fear.

Love Me Til It Hurts is begging for someone to point out that you can get ointment for that, while Gravity is further hindered by a weird guest vocal from In This Moment’s Maria Brink.

Papa Roach’s hearts are clearly in the right place, but F.E.A.R. is so overripe it’s fermenting./o:p