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Necrot - Blood Offerings album review

Death metal brutality with true, old-school determination

Six years and three basementfestering demos after their formation, this Oakland, California trio are about to unleash their debut album of classic Earache Recordsrevelling (In Flesh) death metal. Fans of genre forefathers Bolt Thrower, Carcass, Benediction and Master will be in familiar territory with Necrot’s back-to-basics brutality and the relentless hammering of solid, headbanging groove and trademark brutal yet articulate vocal style of masters Ingram, Willets and Greenway. Each track contains the perfect amount of dexterity without losing any of its vitality and it’s clear that a six-year period of honing their material has perfectly streamlined the band’s vision. Here, Necrot have succeeded in evoking the spirit of the early- 90s mop-haired death metal youth, oversized band shirts and sweaty stagediving from the genre’s heyday. Alongside classic DM revivalists Disma and Gruesome, it’s clear that Necrot treat their music work as a labour of love.