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Low Cut Connie - Dirty Pictures (Part 1) album review

Piano-bashing Philly rebels rally the troops

Cover art for Low Cut Connie - Dirty Pictures (Part 1) album

If Jerry Lee Lewis had been born four decades later and a thousand miles north-east, he might have produced the kind of gutsy piano boogie that this East Coast quintet specialise in.

Louche rumbles such as Death And Destruction echo the furious rockabilly assault of a Jim Jones, without the obligatory quiff or preacher schtick, but that doesn’t stop leader Adam Weiner sing smouldering piano ballads such as Forever and Montreal, the latter of which moans, touchingly, ‘All my friends have herpes in Montreal’. Hmmm. Elsewhere, a stomping cover of Prince’s Controversy manages to sound like a drunk INXS, and that, it turns out, is no bad thing.

All of which reflects a palpable sense of Having Fun with this rock’n’roll lark, and that attitude is infectious.