Lionize - Nuclear Soul album review

Clutch’s apprentices finally step out of the shadows

Cover art for Lionize - Nuclear Soul album

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Though there were benefits, Lionize have suffered a little from a close association with Clutch. Both bands hail from Maryland and the last Lionize album was issued via Clutch’s WeatherMaker Music, while Clutch’s Tim Sult has appeared in their line-up. The sole connection on this outing is that Jean-Paul Gaster handles the production. In the past, Lionize have struggled to find a cohesive sound, vanishing down reggae cul-de-sacs, but aside from a few mellower moments such as SOFTWAREmark” gingersoftwareuiphraseguid=“ba3abe30-daf7-4b1b-aae3-39e51f0edd40” id=“ab08e0db-47a2-407d-9749-ff02714d7a69”>Ain’t It A Shame and Let You Down, this is a hard-rocking piledriver. The storytelling anthems are sprinkled with muscular Hammond organ and in the case of Fire In Athens, underlined by Thin Lizzy-esque guitar melodies. Election Year welds scorching social comment to sassy, rhythmic power. Nuclear Soul proves that Lionize are a great band in their own right.

Dave Ling

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