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Left Lane Cruiser: Dirty Spliff Blues

New hands on the wheel.

After grinding out their scuzzy hillbilly blues as a duo for a decade, Left Lane Cruiser have succumbed to a bassist, albeit one who also plays slide guitar on his skateboard.

That’s not the only upheaval – original drummer Brenn Beck has also departed, leaving guitarist Freddy J as the only named driver.

They haven’t changed lanes though, as the sludgy pounding Elephant Stomp, Cutting Trees and All Damn Day attest. But the switch from a duo to a trio has left its mark on the sound, which is more organised, if no cleaner.

Freddy J also seems more focused. On Heavy Honey his raucous, soulful howl deliberately fits over his fuzzy guitars, leaving room for bursts of Joe Bent’s wild slide./o:p