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L.A. Guns: Acoustic Gypsy

Have you played bass in this band yet?

When you see a poster advertising an L.A. Guns show, you can be forgiven for wondering who will turn up to play. This is the band, after all, that has had 43 line-up changes, featured 13 bassists, nine lead singers and that also has a shadow outfit, Phil Lewis’s L.A. Guns, on the circuit too.

This acoustic album was recorded in February, time enough for singer Jizzy Pearl to have left before its release. Which is a shame, because Acoustic Gypsy, its appalling title apart, has plenty going for it.

Despite his own prior efforts to prove the contrary, Pearl can sing, and LA Guns can play. The songs are well arranged, and the set builds nicely towards the immortal Sex Action, which as an acoustic number is tongue-in-cheek brilliant. The Ballad Of Jayne is great, too, a lost hit from a lost band.