Kid Congo And The Pink Monkey Birds - La Araña Es La Vida album review

Hip swamp-rock star Kid Congo gets real gone for a change...

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Not only does Kid Congo have the best rock’n’roll moniker since Johnny Thunders, but his lineage is also impeccable, having played in some of the hippest swamp-rock bands of all time, including stints in the Gun Club, the Bad Seeds and The Cramps. And he used to be the president of the Ramones fan club. I mean, Jesus Christ, this guy has always been on the fuckin’ ball.

La Araña Es La Vida is the fourth Pink Monkey Birds album, recorded in a high-school gym in Kansas (maybe) with a cracking band and a fistful of high-grade hallucinogens. Jangly, Stonesy rock’n’roll, gutbucket blooze and shimmering desert-pop ensues. Picture Elvis and Lux Interior writing a soundtrack to your prom.

No Gun Club? No White Stripes