Jo Harman: Found A Place EP

Five stunners from the voice of the moment.

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It’s a sign of a great artist when even their stopgaps leave you spellbound.

Found A Place may be a low-key amuse-bouche to precede Jo Harman’s all-guns-blazing second album, but it finds the singer at her most dazzlingly intimate, mostly backed by a piano, confident enough in those magnificent pipes not to decorate them with bouzoukis or nose flutes.

By the time you read this, there’ll be a deluxe edition with a DVD. For now, we have five songs. Lend Me Your Love is a stunning, stately opener, while Two Shades Of Hope (by Irish musician Foy Vance) is shiveringly vulnerable. The title track is darker, with haunted-house piano backing Harman’s cri de coeur, and by the time she rescues Cat Stevens’ Father And Son from Boyzone’s clutches, you’ll be so covered in goosebumps you’ll resemble a Lincoln biscuit.