Hitting My Head Against The Wall: Lemmy & Motörhead; The Early Years review

Priceless document of Lemmy and co’s golden years

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In Hitting My Head Against The Wall, Paul Welsh resurrects his unpublished book drawn from documenting Motörhead’s earliest gigs and interviewing the band when they were desperate men kicking against closed doors. It’sarefreshing change from the endless tributes by those who discovered Motörhead later so missed the classic line-up of Lemmy, ‘Philthy Animal’ Taylor and ‘Fast’ Eddie Clarke rising from poverty to stardom through the Overkill and Bomber tours.

Although the book looks like a hardcover fanzine and won’t win any literary awards, nowhere else will you find Motörhead so up close and personal at this crucial time, illustrated by often supremely daft photos, including Philthy in his beloved bald wig. There are also press cuttings and an interview with Dave Brock. It’s a suitably rough-and-ready affair that vitally redresses the balance with Lemmy’s LA rock god years by showing what he crawled up from.