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Great Collapse - Neither Washington Nor Moscow… Again! album review

A potent call to arms from the punk underground

Cover art for Great Collapse - Neither Washington Nor Moscow… Again! album

Whenever we’re plunged into turbulent times, someone will inevitably state it’s a good thing, because it inspires great art. Surely most of us would be willing to give up a good album or two if it meant not having a lunatic as the leader of the free world? Nevertheless, it’s clear our terrifying and divisive political climate is at the heart of Great Collapse’s second album. Fronted by Strike Anywhere’s Thomas Barnett and featuring members of rise Against, Death By Stereo, Nations Afire and Set Your Goals, Great Collapse’s pedigree is woven into the fabric of their fiery hardcore punk fury, married to a melodic streak that serves to make their message of uprising accessible to a wider audience. And there’s no mincing words with that message, the ‘Listen Nazi, never again’ chant of Atomic Calendar a rallying cry for unity in the face of hatred.