God Damn: Vultures

Wolverhampton punks will take you to hell and back.

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There are WWII veterans curled broken and quivering in retirement homes today who constantly have a sound in their head that’s like punk screamers God Damn.

Riffs like buzz bombs, drums like barrages of ack-ack fire, relentless bombardments of electronic scree and guttural, desperate vocals that make you think singer Thom Edwards has just stepped on a mine. Somehow, through this debut album’s bloody and brutal racket some disturbed melody emerges.

By The Wayside smacks of a very rusted Muse or Metallica wrestling back one of the devil’s best tunes, while Horus is Marilyn Manson’s Eurovision entry.

Despite Edwards singing We Don’t Like You with the seven tongues of a male Medusa and guitarist Dave Copson seemingly dipping his pick-ups deep into Vesuvius to pick up the most elemental scorch rock imaginable, it’s practically danceable, and the title track could even be the evil twin of Supergrass.

One for those who like some songwriting substance with their hellbound gargling./o:p