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Gama Bomb’s Sea Savage: unrepentant thrash with a side order of cheese

Madcap thrashers Gama Bomb are in hilariously juvenile form on seventh album Sea Savage

Gama Bomb: Sea Savage album
(Image: © Prosthetic)

Seven records in, it’s safe to say we know what to expect from Gama Bomb: machine-gun riffing, movie-referencing lyrics and more daftness than a weekend at Pontins with Lawnmower Deth. Sea Savage sees the ship largely stay its course as Gama Bomb embark on a nautically themed 12- track odyssey that loosely resembles a concept record – albeit one as described by a hyperactive six-year-old with a penchant for b-movie kitsch. That said, the band’s general diet of thrash, thrash, thrash and thrash is switched up by an infusion of classic NWOBHM histrionics, Philly Byrne giving us his best Halford impression as he shrieks through the likes of Sheer Khan, Judo Killer and Rusty Jaw. It may be musical Marmite to some, but this extra layer of cheese perfectly accentuates the silly, fun side of thrash that Gama Bomb champion so fervently.

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