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Falling In Reverse - Coming Home album review

All pop, zero punk

Cover art for Falling In Reverse - Coming Home album

Touted as an exploration of the band’s sound and described as a major departure by frontman Ronnie Radke, all the teasing surrounding FIR’s fourth album seems to amount to is 11 variations on the millennial whoop songbook.

All the emo-rooted, posthardcore stylistic hallmarks are present and correct, embellished with a load of electronic arsing about on top, but the almost constant use of the same soaring ‘wo-ah’ pop hooks will soon have you wanting to hack your ears off with a pair of blunt scissors.

Throw in whiny and witless lyrical content that veers sharply into what sounds alarmingly like plain old self-pity – check out Broken, Loser, Fuck You And All Your Friends, I Hate Everyone, I’m softwareuiphraseguid=“ab8b7d64-5c53-4e48-9252-87846a9f14e2”>SOFTWAREmark” gingersoftwareuiphraseguid=“ab8b7d64-5c53-4e48-9252-87846a9f14e2” id=“459be337-ea23-4c43-9271-0c8ea38d28f4”>Bad At Life, Hanging On… in fact, most of the album – and this is one pretty miserable party, albeit one that probably sounds immense through an iPhone and a pair of Beats.