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Evil Blizzard: Everybody Come To Church

Deeply weird weirdness baked to perfection.

If Banksy were to pick a house band for his (her? their?) Dismal and theme park exhibit, he (she? they?) could do much worse than to enlist the enigmatic Evil Blizzard, a band thrumming with dystopian menace and madness.

With four bass players, a singing drummer, nightmarish masks and rumbling, avant-garde post-punk noise, it’s the kind of thing that makes you miss John Peel.

There are echoes of Killing Joke and PIL in their doomy, chaotic approach to rock, the deepest, darkest dub of Spread The Fear inciting uprising, opener Are You Evil? ending in a hail of maniacal laughter and Stupid People floating on an Ozzy-style whine of a vocal.

Everybody Come To Church is designed to be repellant to the bovine majority, but if the world’s going to burn, it comes as a perfect soundtrack.