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Dream Evil - Six album review

Priest-loving power metallers find the devil is in the details

Cover art for Dream Evil - Six album

Few things in this life are reliable, and yet Dream Evil’s commitment to good old fashioned heavy metal is among a shortlist of honourable exceptions. Launched 15 years ago by Fredrik Nordström, best known to many as a producer for Arch Enemy, Opeth, In Flames and many more, these Swedes have kept the fire burning for power metal in the most singular and heroic fashion. Despite a seven-year absence, Six begins just as they left off with a humongous anthem entitled Dream Evil that was presumably forged in the fire pits of a Valhalla blacksmith. High-profile players such as Ozzy guitarist Gus G and Snowy Shaw have graced the band’s lineup, but since the beginning Niklas Isfeldt has been Nordström’s brother in arms. That foghorn voice is perfect for the Priest- meets-Scorpions commerciality of Sin City (shades of Big City Nights, anyone?) and the Queensrÿcheesque Creature Of The Night. It’s originality you seek? Well, c’mon… this album boasts a song called Six Hundred And 66, so try looking elsewhere, but lovers of rampaging, twin guitar fretsmanship will be left drooling.