Dead Heavens - Whatever Witch You Are album review

Where’s Walter? He’s in the garage…

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Some bands form with the focus on fame and fortune; others come together purely because they’re having a brilliant time, and don’t really care how they’re received. From the sound of Whatever softwareuiphraseguid=“37e7f470-e556-4414-875d-ed760601ccde”>Witch You Are, Dead Heavens fall firmly into the latter category.

Fronted by Walter Schreifels of NY punks Gorilla Biscuits, post-hardcore shining stars Quicksand and mega-melodic rockers Rival Schools, Dead Heavens sound genuinely unlike any of his previous projects, focusing instead on a 60s garage-rock vibe with a big old dollop of scuzz-blues on the side. The spirit of the Stooges runs rampant in the loose, gritty Away From The Speed, wisps of psychedelia float on the breeze at regular intervals, the sprawling Gold Tooth spins out into a lovely wig-out jam, while the meditative Experience brings things to a warm and fuzzy close. A spellbinding affair.