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Control Freaks - Mindless Entertainment album review

The best Sleaze you can get this month

Cover art for Control Freaks - Mindless Entertainment album

Led by San Fran garage-punk superstar Greg Lowery (The Rip-offs, Supercharger, etc), Control Freaks play trashy rock’n’roll that’s so perfectly and delightfully dumb that it’s actually some kind of genius. If you hit The Donnas in the head with a shovel and then tossed them in the studio while they were still dizzy, this is pretty much what you’d get.

Came from the sky like a 747. Classic Rock’s least-reputable byline-grabber since 2003. Several decades deep into the music industry. Got fired from an early incarnation of Anal C**t after one show. 30 years later, got fired from the New York Times after one week. Likes rock and hates everything else. Still believes in Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction, against all better judgment.