Call Of The Void: Ageless

Flavoursome grind outfit forget to stir the pot

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This Colorado sort-of-grindcore troupe’s second album is very promising in premise.

Put a few early Mastodon prog/sludge riffs into Pig Destroyer then cook in Converge’s fevered intensity and you have the vague idea – and if Ageless was as good as that sounds, this would be essential listening.

It isn’t, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t worth a spin or four, as there are some nice Napalm Death-y grooves to it all, and the energy, honesty and intent are all there. There’s just a little spark of individuality missing, as the joins between sections influenced by different artists are too obvious, the influences themselves appearing in discrete sections as opposed to blended together fluidly to form something new. It’s a brave attempt, and an improvement on the debut, but Ageless doesn’t grab you by the loins quite as hard as it wants to. Originality in grindcore is fiendishly difficult, mind, so COTV deserve credit for trying to do something of their own.

Via Relapse