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Bungler - The Nature Of Being New album review

Buffalo hardcore bruisers firm up their line of attack

Bungler have been around for over half a decade now, but they have the energy and ferocity of a band making their very first primal roars. Also, for a three-piece, they make an enormous amount of noise. Half an hour in the company of their technically precise hardcore whizzes by due to the huge levels of sonic aggression they dish out on here. If you’re a fan of being sonically battered then pull up a chair. If, however, you crave a little more, Bungler are a tougher sell, considering the band settle into a groove and remain there resolutely throughout. Opener Finders Keepers Takers Leavers rides along on a meaty, head-nodding riff that is massively enjoyable to experience yet vanishes from your mind as soon as it ends, and Closet Confident sounds more like a shouting contest than an actual song. If you like music tight, punchy, familiar and utterly single-minded then Bungler might scratch an itch. In that respect at least, they do their job well.