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Buffalo Tom - Quiet And Peace album review

Grunge’s forest-rock critters Buffalo Tom can still bare their teeth

Buffalo Tom - Quiet And Peace
Buffalo Tom - Quiet And Peace

Buffalo Tom - Quiet And Peace

1. All Be Gone
2. Overtime
3. Roman Cars
4. Freckles
5. CatVMouse
6. Lonely Fast and Deep
7. See High the Hemlock Grows
8. In the Ice
9. Least That We Can Do
10. Slow Down
11. The Only Living Boy in New York

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It’s twenty-five years since their epochal third album Let Me Come Over and though time has softened their grunge-country edges and their albums are few and far between, Boston’s impressionistic rockers Buffalo Tom still know the power of a good old billow. 

Ninth album Quiet And Peace is roughly one third quiet, peaceful and Chris Stapleton-like, as soft-focus Nashville rattlers like Freckles, Slow Down and In The Ice grow rugged and mountainous, as if invaded by Catskill wildmen midway through. 

Elsewhere, All Be Gone and Lonely Fast And Deep recall the lumberjack Lemonheads of ’93, but there’s forward motion too. Bill Janovitz’s classic country drawl is offset by sci-fi synths on the brooding drone that is Least That We Can Do, and there’s a prevalence of bassist Chris Colbourn’s vocals and a sprinkling of female duets: the luscious See High The Hemlock Grows and a spacious cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s The Only Living Boy In New York, featuring Janovitz’s daughter Lucy. Massachusetts’ mightiest trappers, still catching big game.

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