Bloodclot - Up In Arms album review

Alt.rock supergroup revisit thrash-punk roots

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The term ‘supergroup’ is oft pedalled and arguably overused when it comes to discussing the new projects of established musicians. But with Bloodclot, a composite of Cro-Mags, Danzig and QOTSA, among others, it might just hold some currency.

This album comes with just one request from frontman John Joseph: “Turn the volume way the fuck up.” It doesn’t take long to understand why. With Manic, a 140-second thrash-punk workout laced with Joseph’s unhinged cries and yelps, and Kill The Beast’s screeching guitar solos plucked straight from the 80s, this is brazenly aggressive music for uncertain times.

Sure, it’s not carving out any new ground musically, but that’s not its intention. Instead, its spirit and sound are tied to revisiting the music – and frustrated energy – with which these musicians cut their teeth.

Though sometimes threatening to drift too far into well-worn meat-and-potatoes territory, this is a competent collection with plenty to keep punk rock fans entertained.