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Bigfoot - Bigfoot album review

Hard rockers pumped up and primed

Cover art for Bigfoot - Bigfoot album

A five-piece band from Wigan, Bigfoot have spent the past three years pounding their way round the club circuit. Tellingly, though, every time they’ve stepped out onto a festival stage, they’ve left their mark.

You don’t have to get far into their debut album to work out why – their full-on, well-honed hard rock would rouse and focus any sluggish mid-afternoon crowd. Commanding vocals, a twin guitar attack that meshes fierce staccato rhythms and lightning lead guitar lines, and a stomping beat all combine to grab your attention. And they hold it through killer tracks like The Fear, Karma and Eat Your Words, swaggering showpieces like Freak Show and Prisoner Of War, and anthemic, harmony-drenched power ballads like Forever Alone and The Devil In Me.

They have a broad range of styles – too broad maybe. They need to hone in on what they’re best at and concentrate on that.