Audrey Horne: Youngblood

Norwegian upstarts craft a modern rock classic.

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Despite being a modern rock dynamo with stadium-bothering tunes, Audrey Horne haven’t enjoyed the attention afforded many of their contemporaries, possibly because they’re Norwegian.

2007’s Le Fol was a cannon-blast of up-tempo ditties and lighter-flicking anthems; 2010’s self-titled album a riff-roaring rollercoaster that, along with this astoundingly tuneful follow-up, stands shoulder to shoulder with Alter Bridge or the latter-day Alice In Chains.

From the gleeful infectiousness of opening salvo Redemption Blues to the head-swaying stomp of There Goes A Lady to the progressive inflection of Cards With The Devil – complete with storming keys and a homage to the volatile chemistry of Deep Purple – this is a rock-solid entry from one of the 21st century’s most criminally overlooked rock bands.