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Angel Witch: Simply Metal

In 1980, Angel Witch released their classic debut album. Class Rock evaluated it in 2010

Somehow, amid the chaos of early years that included an abortive deal with EMI, and a revolving-door approach to membership, Angel Witch managed to record an album that stood central to the NWOBHM.

And it’s great to see it back and given the kind of special edition treatment handed out by rote to bigger bands. It’s a nostalgia trip, of course, but it’s a good one. As soon as that ludicrous and legendary first chorus of Angel Witch itself kicks in, you’ll find yourself back in simpler times, when bands recorded their racket on barely functional technology and founded a movement on sheer enthusiasm for the cause.

Demo versions of key songs like Baphomet (from the Metal For Muthas compilation) make up the second disc. Their primitive clatter might not enthrall kids who can produce sonically superior music via their mobile phone, but for those who remember Angel Witch first time around this reissue is a treat.

This was published in Classic Rock issue 148.