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Angel Witch: As Above, So Below

Brit metal veterans ain’t lost it.

Out-mammothed by the NWOBHM likes of Def Leppard, Iron Maiden and co, Angel Witch never quite made the big time, and remain revered largely for their influential eponymous debut.

With Kevin Heybourne still at the vocals/guitar helm, As Above… doesn’t surpass their early output, but does demonstrate a confident return to form.

The darker feel that always separated them from the gung-ho Maiden/Leppard cohort remains, with ambient mysticism in Horla, black metal edges in the likes of Gebura and a resolutely minor key throughout. Add some glorious technical guitar, crunching riffs and lashings of hearty occultism, and you have yourself a very satisfying album.

With half the record comprised of long-lost tracks, you can’t help questioning how much original ammo they have left in them. Nevertheless, long-time fans will rejoice, and new ones should also be amassed.