Watch Nickelback sing The Beatles, AC/DC, Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2 while playing a lyric association game

(Image credit: ELLE)

Following the release of their tenth studio album Get Rollin' last year, Nickelback have been popping up just about everywhere, from podcast appearances to countless online headlines. Just this week, prog master Devin Townsend unexpectedly waved the flag for the band by stating that he thought frontman Chad Kroeger was "so much more of a metalhead" then he is.

The hugely-successful Canadian hard rockers remain divisive, but regardless of your view on the band, it's hard to deny that the members are talented, and not only that, but they're totally likeable as people, seriously charismatic, and continually enjoy having a good chuckle at themselves.

One video that verifies their endearing qualities was shot during a recent interview with ELLE, with the musicians taking part in the fashion magazine's long-running song association game.

For the task, Chad Kroeger, drummer Daniel Adair and guitarist Ryan Peake were challenged to automatically sing a song (or rap) after hearing a certain word which must feature as a lyric within their chosen track.

During the task, the band sang parts of songs from The Beatles' Come Together, Pearl Jam's Alive, U2's With Or Without You, AC/DC's Big Balls, Red Hot Chili Peppers' Scar Tissue and even their own, Rockstar. 

After singing the aforementioned Beatles song, Kroeger then professes: "I don't think anybody would be surprised that I'm a Beatles fan, or a Bob Marley fan, I think the one that might raise the eyebrows is Abba".

Check out the video below:

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