Snider's better than Roth and Ozzy, says French

Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French believes bandmate Dee Snider is a better frontman than Van Halen's David Lee Roth and Black Sabbath's Ozzy Osbourne.

But he’s confirmed fans aren’t likely to hear any new music from the band, who continue to play on occasion but have no plans to record again in the future.

French tells Full Throttle Rock: “Dee is certainly one of the most underrated frontmen; I don’t think he gets the respect he deserves.

“I think he’s better than David Lee Roth – and no question better than Ozzy. In terms of an entertainer he’s more responsible. He understands what he’s supposed to do better than these other bands, and that’s really an important factor

“He really gets what you’re supposed to do as a singer. He does his vocal exercises for, like, two hours before he goes on stage.

“He’s always taken a very professional approach to the fact that, ‘I’m a performer and I get paid to perform; and I ’m going to be on that stage at this time and I’m going to deliver.’

“I mean, how many frontmen just do not do it? They take their audience for granted. He does not take his audience for granted.”

French also believes Snider hasn’t written a song in about 20 years – but it doesn’t matter because they’d be unlikely to take anything he created into a studio.

“There’s no point recording,” the guitarist states. “I think that’s an old-school idea. No one buys it. No one is yet to make a case for any reason to record.

“The fans who come to see you don’t care; they claim they care but they don’t really. If you tell the fans, ‘We’re going to play a new song today, but we’re going to take this other one out to play it,’ what do you think they’re going to vote for?”

But he adds: “It only matters if you care that it matters. We don’t play enough for it to matter.”

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