Nicky Horne meets... Queen's Brian May: Part 1


TeamRock Radio’s Nicky Horne sat down with Queen’s Brian May after this year’s Classic Rock Roll of Honour ceremony in Los Angeles, and spoke about the band’s award (Queen and Adam Lambert received the Best Band statuette), about Lambert’s contributions, and about the new version of Love Kills.

” We all played on the original,” says May, “but you wouldn’t know it because it’s disco. The strange thing is that it was just a quick one, and you think, ‘Freddie just tossed it off,’ but I took it into the studio about a year ago and took everything off apart from Freddie’s vocal, expecting to hear all sorts of interference coming from his headphones, and there was nothing: just a clean, beautifully pure vocal.

“He sang ‘love kills’, and it’s nothing trivial. He wasn’t just delivering to requirement. He was writing something that he felt in his heart. And he did find that love kills.”