Hale: I gave Alice the good stuff


A starstruck Lzzy Hale recalls meeting Alice Cooper in a record store and providing the iconic singer with some decidedly un-rock 'n' roll drugs.

Hale was with her Halestorm bandmates in a Los Angeles shop when Cooper walked in. Taking the opportunity to introduce herself to one of her heroes, she approached him for a chat.

And the friendly shock rocker was happy to meet her, but it wasn’t long before the conversation turned to drugs – in this instance, heartburn medicine.

Hale told her tale from the road to Affliction, who also asked Halestorm bass player Josh Smith for a funny story. He explains how he once punched Lzzy in the face – accidentally of course.

Watch the two videos below.

Lzzy Hale on Alice Cooper’s heartburn

Josh Smith: I punched a girl