Bonnet friendly with Yngwie once again


Graham Bonnet says he and Yngwie Malmsteen are on talking terms again.

The pair worked together in Alcatrazz until Malmsteen left in 1984, much to Bonnet’s disappointment.

Bonnet tells Metal Rules: “We went through some bad times, but he’s turned around now and all that bad blood’s gone. He’s once again my friend, I’m glad to say.

“He was a young man, he was 19-years-old and could see that everybody loved him. He left the band because he was a great guitar player, he is a great player. He became a little bit trippy and out there.”

Bonnet also worked with Steve Vai in Alcatrazz, and he had earlier worked with Ritchie Blackmore in Rainbow.

He currently fronts a solo project called Bonnet as well as performing as part of Alcatrazz Featuring Graham Bonnet.