Zoltan Bathory discusses the Five Finger Death Punch terror threats


Days after the tragic terrorist attacks in Paris’ Bataclan venue, rumours started to emerge about potential threats on Five Finger Death Punch’s shows in France. Eventually, the show was cancelled. Here we chat to FFDP’s Zoltan Bathory about the decision and what it means going forward.

Zoltan is clear about the fact that the band weren’t the target, but the situation was being threatened. And after talking to the local security, they can’t provide the security the band require so the band can’t play. “Even if it’s 90% safe, is that safe enough?” ask Zoltan.

He continues to state that all threats have to be taken seriously, “all we can do is be logical and methodological,” he says. If the band can’t promise 100% safety for the crew – who work with their back to the door each night – then how can you do it? “90% is not good enough,” he firmly states. It has to be 100%.

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