Why I Love Ghost’s Prequelle, by Dani Filth

(Image credit: Loma Vista)

(Image credit: Nuclear Blast)

Dani Filth knows a thing or two about marrying metal and the occult – as frontman with Cradle Of Filth, Dani has spent nearly three decades celebrating music’s dark side. Here, he raises a blood-filled goblet to kindred spirit Tobias Forge and Ghost’s 2018 album Prequelle.

Dan: “I’m a Ghost fan. I love the aesthetics of the band, and love what they do with their music. I really like stuff like Blue Oyster Cult, that slightly occultish 70s rock, which they’re definitely influenced by. And then there’s the whole King Diamond association – you can hear that in there too.

“They seem to have carved out a niche for themselves that they sit very nicely in. They manage to straddle every cool thing about heavy metal, but not actually be heavy metal, which is the weirdest thing – they’re a rock band, and they have big rock songs. t certainly goes more into that more dramatic, theatrical side, and it does have some killer tracks like Rats, Witch Image and Life Eternal, which is epic. But Danse Macabre is my favourite song. I remember being in Athens and hearing it for the first time, and it was, like, ‘Wow, what is this? This is brililant.’

The funny thing is that the whole creepy Satanic aesthetic has become their thing, but they’d probably be a lot bigger if they didn’t have it. or would they? I don’t know. I suppose people love a bit of Satan.”