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What's on your FREE tech-metal CD in the new issue?

If you haven’t picked up the new issue of Metal Hammer yet then you’re missing out on a whole slab of technical goodness. We’re giving away 15 songs for FREE from some of the hottest names in the scene including Black Crown Initiate, Deadly Circus Fire and Empty Yard Experiment. Here’s what’s in store for your ears…

1. Within The Ruins – Gods Amongst Men

Precise metalcore brutality.

2. Deadly Circus Fire – Animal

Prog metal at its most fiery.

3. Neberu – The Art Of Being Lost

Djent-core action from Germany.

4. The Contortionist – Primordial Sound

Epic, ethereal adventures in sound.

5. Black Crown Initiate – The Fractured One

Prog death with beards to match.

6. Trepalium – Fire On Skin

Bonkers extremity with a swing jazz twist.

7. Shattered Skies – The End And The Rebirth

Tech-metal heaven with massive melodic hooks.

8. The Voynich Code – Decoding Of Life

Punishing grooves from Portugal.

9. I, The Breather – Soul Seeker

Baltimore’s most badass polyrhythm merchants.

10. No Consequence – Speechless

Left-brain tech-metal supremacy.

11. Voices From The Fuselage – A Principle God

Epic grandeur from ex-Tesseract man Ashe O’Hara.

12. Verse Vica – Cerulean

Heavy explorations from North Carolina.

13. Polyphia – Aviator

Virtuoso fret-melters on an instrumental tip.

14. The Sun Never Set – Over Our Fallen Empire

Savagery with a post-metal spirit.

15. Empty Yard Experiment – Entropy

Dark prog with groove and grunge.

All of this is on your FREE CD with Metal Hammer issue 266.