Welcome Back: 36 Crazyfists

Despite a sold-out UK tour last year, it has been half a decade since 36 Crazyfists released new music. At that point, it felt as though they’d lost their shot at achieving something substantial following 2010’s Collisions And Castaways, an album that frontman Brock Lindow freely admits “isn’t the band’s best work”.

While the band were feeling a barren spell creatively (following a superb run of form early in their career), the real reason there has been such a lack of 36CF action is one that’s far more traumatic./o:p

“My mother was diagnosed with cancer in 2011 so I swore off music for the rest of the year to be with her,” Brock says. “She passed that year and I needed time to process the fragility of life and after that I discovered how much I need music. I needed it as an outlet. Things turned for me personally and I got excited about music again; I was getting fired up about new material and it’s ended up being one of the coolest records we’ve done.”

It’s quite the statement, as 36CF mark their 20th anniversary with the release of Time And Trauma.

“Thinking about being a band for 20 years makes me feel old!” laughs Brock. “It’s natural for a band to lose their fire and I guess that’s what happened to us towards the end of our last run. We didn’t feel that at the time, but it feels like it now that we all feel as passionate about the band as we do again.”

That fire rages through lead single Also Am I, recalling the band’s nitro thrust material on Bitterness The Star and A Snow Capped Romance: hardcore power with metal flair wrap around Brock’s unique voice to create one hell of a punch to please the 36CF congregation, which is exactly the band’s aim this time around.

“It’s not about being the biggest band in the world anymore. We just want to show the people who still care about us how much we care about them through some killer new songs.”