Tweet Surrender


It’s been an eventful week on Twitter. Two rock stars got engaged to each other, someone went to the toilet and one person had their mind blown by a nature documentary. Find out who, what, why and where in this week’s Tweet Surrender…

Thanks, Ginger. Somewhere in Cereal World, Tony the Tiger is nodding quietly to himself.

Not only did Chad organise a private screening of Wayne’s World for Hayley’s birthday, he followed it up by proposing on Christmas Day. It’s either one of the most romantic times of year to pop the question, or Chad felt a pair of socks weren’t going to cut it and had to act. And fast.

A rare insight into what the Bring Me The Horizon frontman ate on the last day of 2014.

Sad to hear that, Josh. Does anyone have any photos of Josh and his band from the last few years? Anyone?

We thought that Asking Alexandria bassist’s Twitter account had been hacked by a haiku bot. But then we realised it’s not quite a haiku, and Amazonian butterflies are actually partial the moist faces of sad turtles.

You can do anything you want, Mark. You still wear baggy shorts in your 40s, so this doesn’t seem so impossible after all. Flights to Iceland are quite reasonable.

It’s worth pointing out Twin Atlantic played in Edinburgh on New Year’s Eve. He wasn’t spotted making faces behind a news reporter or anything like that.

Either Enter Shikari’s new album The Mindsweep sounds like it’s going to be really weird, or Rou was still drunk from New Year’s Eve.

We all got new underpants and socks for Christmas. Does that count, Corey?

All well and good, but we think your beard should get some credit too, Lags. It offers a depth of emotion that you don’t see too often at the pictures. Let’s start a campaign for Lags’ facial hair to get a BAFTA nomination this year. The critics loved its work in 3 Manors.