Tweet Surrender


…and what is a horse hoof actually made of? Find out – or not, as the case may be – in this week’s Tweet Surrender…

It turns out that the Steel Panther guitarist spent the run-up to their Wembley Arena appearance – their biggest ever show – clutching the toilet. But, to be fair, cold porcelain is quite soothing when you’ve got an arena show in the diary and you want some ‘me’ time.

Frank’s tweet was one of many tributes to the legendary writer, who passed away on March 12.

So, now you know why the Weezer frontman was thrashing around inside his parked car this week. Here’s us thinking he was being attacked by a wasp and couldn’t open the door.

We’re not American football experts by any stretch, but those feathery epaulettes would offer little to no protection in a crunching tackle. And those boots, fabulous as they may be, do not conform to NFL regulations.

By their very nature, all flute solos are mad. It’s just excitable breathing through a shiny stick.

Looks like the car behaved itself, then. The last thing you want is a murderous motor kicking off during a photoshoot.

Thanks to the Of Mice & Men drummer, we know what face to pull when someone says, ‘I’ve just had my kitchen done… want to see the photos?’.

They’re definitely not the lyrics to Enter Sandman. But who are we to argue with the Hatebreed frontman?

It’s quite good for a Flashback Friday, we suppose. Proof, though, that you can’t headbang when you’re wearing massive glasses.

Well, someone didn’t go to equine podiatry school, if there’s such a thing.