Tracks of the Week: new music from Starbenders, No Fit State and more

Tracks of the Week
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It's almost done. The year to end all years is almost over, and a new one is on the horizon. We could make facile comments about how grim it's been for so many, and how music has made a difference. And that's all true. But we'd rather look forward. 

We'd rather point at 2021, and marvel at what might happen. Live shows will surely return. Festivals may do the same. Great albums will be released. Musicians will figure out ever-more ingenious ways of keeping us entertained. And rock will keep rolling.  

This is the final Tracks Of The Week of the year, but we'll return on January 4 to begin the whole process all over again. Thanks for reading, and we hope we've brought some new music into your life. We hope that music has kept you entertained. And we hope you have a great Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year.

Finally, congratulations to Wayward Sons, who triumphed in last week's competition, and to AC/DC and Hot Breath, who filled out the podium.

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Starbenders - Coming Up Roses

We’re kicking off our final TOTW of 2020 in style with these Atlanta glam-punk fireballs. Crowned with a killer solo from singer/guitarist Kimi Shelter, Coming Up Roses rocks like a bastard and should provide ample incentive to check out their album Love Potions (if you haven’t already) – one of the first-class records in Classic Rock’s Top 50 Albums of 2020.

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No Fit State - Hit The Ground

Borrowing cool bluesy flavours and slick, contemporary smokiness from the likes of Royal Blood and QOTSA, No Fit State – aka singer/guitarist/producer Danny Yates – have ‘hit the ground running’ (sorry, sorry…) with this hooky new single. Like what you hear? Keep your eyes and ears open for his debut LP, High On Hope, in 2021.

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Ogras - Sideshow Hallelujah 

Clearly nothing says ‘good clean festive fun’ like a bunch of Norwegian blokes playing Baltic/Irish punk-folk – like the Dropkick Murphys for colder climes. Expect fiddly fiddles, lovably fight-y sentiments and boot-stomping good times. Good for the soul. Best enjoyed with your favourite people and lashings of akvavit.

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Angeline - Closer

Need a singalong chorus that’ll make you feel like you’re in a crowded arena, instead of your front room? These Swedes are here to help. This driving, full-strength dose of melodic rock comes with a Boss-channeling blue-collar heartbeat – and a touch of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing. There more where this came from on new album We Were Raised On Radio, which is due for release in early 2021.

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Pröwess - Let It Ride

North Carolina rockers Pröwess are the brains and brawn behind this sweet cocktail of Thin Lizzy swagger and heartfelt rolling stone vibes  – with a gritty dash of early AC/DC in the guitars. Oh yeah, and don’t let the eight-minute video length fool you; this ain’t no prog epic, it’s all rock’n’roll baby (plus motorbikes, women trouble and the like, most it with denim and shades). Oh yeah.

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Mongrel Dogs - Le Chat

“I wrote the opening riff years ago when I first started dating an old girlfriend. It had this really optimistic but still nostalgic feel to it….” frontman Jono Palmer says of this pretty (but gutsy) REM-esque ballad. “Anyway that one didn't work out, and I moved to London a little worse for wear emotionally speaking. I met my flatmate who became my best friend and thought maybe I'd write it for her... there were many nights of wine, cigarettes, tea and candle light, and plenty of commiseration and conversation. This song is a bit of an ode to that time.”

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Lovesick Radio - Nothing Left To Lose

These Las Vegas-based rockers call themselves “a Rock & Roll band living in a Pop world”. They make good on that – and on their sparkly hometown – in this rollicking, catchy-as-fuck, Kevin Shirley-mixed burst of rock’n’roll. Opening with the sort of riffage you just want to slather with syrup and eat, things escalate with organs, keys and Southern-kissed oomph. Hits the spot nicely.

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Soul Garage Experience - I Rather Be Wrong

Soul Garage Experience mastermind (also of Supersonic Blues Machine fame, as well as numerous producer credits) Fabrizio Grossi can be heard "sharing life’s many lessons of survival in the entertainment industry" – with his daughter, Andrea Grossi-Benitez, on backing vocals – on this stylish serving of blues-laced rock'n'soul. Intrigued? There's more to come with album Counterfeited Blues! due in early 2021.

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