The Ten Worst Lyrics On Attila's New Album

The controversial metalcore mob Attila released their sixth full-length album Guilty Pleasure last week on Artery Records. We gave it a listen and as usual the lyrics are somewhat suspect and beyond ridiculous. These are ten of the worst and most offensive lyrics on the album (it was hard to get it down to ten).

“Here’s a fucking solo for all you dumb elitist cunts, this shit is bad-ass as fuck and you’ll probably try to play it and fail”

(taken from Pizza, Sex and Trolls)

Yeah! Take that you dumb elitist cunts! We bet you’ve never heard anything like this before… a guitar solo! Bad-ass as fuck, isn’t it? Don’t even try and play it though because you’ll fail. Not even Slash himself can wail like this, the only person who can pull off this sort of guitar widdling off is the guitarist from Attila that nobody knows the name of.

“I wasn’t born and raised a bitch, but you were born to suck my dick”

(taken from Rebel)

A fine lyric in which Fronz takes an in-depth look at the idea of whether people are inherently born a certain way, or whether people grow to become a product of their environment. It’s pretty deep stuff here, guys. If we are to fully dissect his lyrics it would appear his upbringing shaped him to not be a ‘bitch’, and yet others have been born to ‘suck his dick’.

“I’m telling ‘em fuck it, fuck it, suck it you’re just not that legit”

(taken from Guilty Pleasure)

The great thing about Attila is that they are so much more than a metalcore band. Fronz has long established himself as a credible MC that gives the likes of Jay-Z and Kanye a serious run for their money – not just in terms of his flow, but also in technical lyrical dexterity and complex wordplay. Following the use of ‘fuck it’ twice, he cleverly switches things up with ‘suck it’ as well. How does he do it?!

“I got your bitch in front of me and she be sucking this D “

(taken from Guilty Pleasure)

During Guilty Pleasure Fronz proves that being a spokesman for feminism is just another string to his giant bow. The derogatory use of the word bitch is almost overshadowed by the fact that this obsession with oral sex is making ol’ Fronzy sound like Jay from The Inbetweeners, we’re starting to question whether he’s ever received a blowjob…

“Take your opinion and stick it right up in your motherfucking ass”

(taken from Proving Ground)

Fronzerelli really has a chip on his shoulder about the ‘haters’, doesn’t he? Chill out, mate, your nan probably still thinks you’re cool, even if she is washing your dirty mouth out with soap. We were struggling to stick our opinions up our ‘motherfucking asses’ so decided to write them all down here instead.

“So who’s the faggot now?”

(taken from Proving Ground)

Oh, the old F word… Not fuck, although that has been used plenty of times as well – the other F word. The F word that has become the go-to insult for the most small-minded and least imaginative trolls on the net. Casual homophobia doesn’t make you cool kids, it makes you a bellend.

“When will it end? When will it end?”

(taken from Break My Addiction)

Yeah, that’s what we’re thinking as well, mate.

“And if a bitch tying you down then you should let that shit go”

(taken from Horsepig)

After all those verbal attacks on his detractors, we thought Fronzerooni would never tackle complex relationship issues, but here he is playing the part of agony uncle.

‘Dear Fronzilla, my girlfriend wants me to take her for a meal for her birthday, but I want to hang out with the bloody lads, don’t I?’

Apparently Fronzasaurus’ advice to this problem is to call your girlfriend a ‘bitch’ and dump her. We’d like to add that if you do take this advice we hope you like masturbation and never getting any female attention.

“Tits, Tits, Tits, Tits, Tits”

(taken from Dirty Dirty)

Gang vocals have become an integral part of the metallic hardcore scene – anyone who has ever been at a Hatebreed show will know how rousing it can be. It’s surprising one pops up on Guilty Pleasure, though. Do Attila want to fill people with the sort of fire that could smash through any sort of oppression and hard times to make a real difference in their lives? No, they want ladies to get their boobs out. Stay classy, Fronzillibillio.

“I feel like I’m going 90 down the highway, butt naked in a pickup smoking meth during a stickup like a high-speed chase”

(taken from Dirty Dirty)

As if you ever needed any more proof of how bloody cool this guy is, it’s no wonder he has so many jealous haters online – we’re starting to get pretty jealous ourselves if we’re honest. We wish we were cool enough to drive really, really fast, while not wearing any pants and smoking meth so we wind up looking like one of the grossest zombies from The Walking Dead.

Guilty Pleasure is out now. You can read our full review in the upcoming issue of Metal Hammer – in stores December 9th.