The 10 best post-hardcore bands, as chosen by Mosaic

Bring Me The Horizon press shot

Post-hardcore comes in all shapes and sizes. To some people it means At The Drive-In, Glassjaw and Quicksand, to some it means Blessthefall, Sleeping With Sirens and We Came As Romans. For US progressive metallers Mosaic, it's very much the latter, and they have given us the definitive list of the 10 best post-hardcore bands of all-time.

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Here are Mosaic's 10 best post-hardcore bands ever, provided by bassist Carl Straka and drummer Erik Martin.

Bring Me The Horizon

"With heavier origins, Bring Me The Horizon’s music has progressed over time to include electronic and pop elements, creating an aggressive but catchy sound."

Dance Gavin Dance

"Dance Gavin Dance are one of the pioneers of the California post-hardcore movement. Their signature blend of rock and funk switches on a dime, keeping their loyal fanbase wanting more."

Pierce The Veil

"Pierce The Veil have popularised the introduction of pop-punk elements to help bring post-hardcore into the mainstream modern music landscape."

I See Stars

"I See Stars have a unique blend of electronic and pop elements that helped influence and shape the modern post-hardcore community."

Circa Survive

"Post-rock seniors Circa Survive have carved their names into the scene with longing progressions and Anthony Green’s unmistakable vocal melodies and style."

Hands Like Houses

"Built from an alternative rock foundation, Hands Like Houses bring a catchy pop twist to the 'Rise-core' sing/scream combo with hard-hitting drums and unique synths."


"Issues take R&B and hip-hop elements and infuse them with post-hardcore, making Issues one of the most unique bands on this list."

I The Mighty

"Power pop team I The Mighty have captured attention with their dreamy, slower songs and home-run rock choruses."


"Supergroup Sianvar are members from Dance Gavin Dance, Stolas, A lot Like Birds, and Hail The Sun. They bring the experimental and math rock influences into the post-hardcore scene."


"On the more technical side of this list, newcomers Shrezzers bring extremely intricate guitar and drum work to the post-hardcore scene. They have an amazing saxophone player as well that you have got to check out!"

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